Marketing yourself strategically, cost-effectively – and with impact – is essential to compete in the busy investment services sector.

Today clients have a greater choice of investment partner, so standing out from the crowd has never been harder, or more critical. But with mounting pressure to deliver ROI against increasingly constrained marketing budgets, many financial institutions are struggling to make the impact they need and fully realise their business goals.

That’s why we set up HT Financial Marketing. With over 25 years’ experience in the specialist investment marketing niche, we deliver innovative end-to-end marketing solutions for the investment industry, without the permanent marketing headcount. We partner with our clients in a flexible manner, tailored to their particular needs – whether on a stand-alone project, fully outsourced or consultancy basis.


Project based marketing solutions


Smart organisations are taking advantage of innovative new solutions and advances in marketing technology to connect with customers before their competition does. But keeping up to speed with every new trend while also delivering existing marketing programmes is a big ask for most in-house teams. In addition, it’s critical to clarify which marketing solutions are right for your business before you invest in them – something time-strapped teams may struggle with. And when every organisation faces budget constraints, any spend on innovation must prove ROI.

That’s why many CMOs and Heads of Marketing choose to enhance their marketing department with external expertise. And that’s where we come in. When we partner with your marketing team to deliver a specific project, we bring skills and knowledge not only to market your organisation more effectively, but also to enhance your team’s capabilities and leave them stronger. Not only that – we’re respectful colleagues and committed team players, with the proven ability to swiftly and seamlessly become valuable members of the marketing department.

Fully outsourced marketing solutions


Many financial institutions are facing ever-tighter budgets and a harder ‘sell’ to justify marketing spend. In this climate outsourcing your marketing function can be a cost-effective way to access top financial services marketing talent without the permanent marketing headcount, so you can drive growth even in tough times.

With over 25 years of financial services marketing expertise and insight, we help you achieve your business objectives through tailored marketing strategies designed to attract, engage and convert your target audience. And because we work across the investment sector, we bring a breadth of industry expertise and an objective view on the best marketing approach for your business, helping you optimise marketing investment while enabling growth.

Marketing Consultancy


Financial institutions intent on strong growth and high performance know that marketing is the engine fuelling both business growth and profitability. But in a climate of squeezed budgets and aggressive competition, coupled with the proliferation of new marketing approaches available in the digital era, many marketing teams are struggling to keep up and deliver ROI.

A specialist financial marketing consultancy will help clarify where the marketing opportunities are for your business and where you need support to capitalize on them. In some instances, a total marketing transformation may be the best option to grow your business.

When we partner with you in a consultancy capacity, we’ll identify where technology can enhance your marketing team’s capabilities; where there are opportunities to be more efficient and cost-effective; and where your team needs support to be the best it can be. Ultimately we’ll leave your marketing function stronger and better positioned to deliver on your business and growth objectives.

How we help:

Your brand, positioning and key messaging are essential to distinguish you in an already busy financial marketplace. We help you develop your brand identity, visuals, logos and key messages to communicate your values and key differentiators in a way that resonates with your target audience and stands out from the crowd.
Content is still king. Now more than ever, financial institutions intent on strong growth must use integrated, content-led campaigns, executed effectively to raise awareness of products and services and attract new prospects. But where others are also competing in the same space, it is critical to take a strategic overview of what content will resonate best with your target audience and how your campaign should be implemented for maximum ROI.

With many years’ experience in executing national, regional and global financial marketing campaigns, we can ensure your next campaign successfully delivers ROI. We can support you with all aspects of content marketing, campaign planning and execution to bring new prospects into your pipeline or engage existing clients. We can also help with lead generation and can monitor, adjust and advise on the performance of your campaign, leaving you better able to execute all your campaigns for optimum engagement.

Effective, striking design supports your brand and ensures your marketing makes an impact. Working with our professional designer we support you with a wide range of design services, helping you to establish or strengthen your brand in the marketplace. Services include:

  • logo design and corporate identity development
  • brochures, whitepapers, reports and newsletters
  • infographics
  • advertising (print and online)
  • email marketing (e-shots and e-newsletter templates)
  • supporting graphics for events (theme, invitations, agenda brochures, banners)
  • presentations in Adobe Acrobat, Powerpoint, Keynote and Prezi
  • Word & Powerpoint templates
  • Interactive forms

Design is literally one of the most visible ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. We have delivered many tailored, engaging design projects created specifically for individual clients to help them shine in a crowded marketplace.

Event management, when done effectively and well, is time consuming. Partnering with experienced events professionals will help accelerate the process and ensure delegates enjoy a stand-out experience that keeps them talking about your brand.

We’re passionate about event management, have a keen interest in the latest event developments and love a project plan! Depending on your specific objectives, we are on-hand to assist with project management, agenda setting, speaker management, content management, logistics and audiovisual (AV), delegate engagement (including event tech) and budget management.
Making an impact with the launch of a new fund, product or service is a real challenge in today’s fast-paced world of multiple media outlets and multichannel marketing. Now more than ever, smart financial institutions are looking at strategic, innovative ways to launch new financial products, to ensure they are best positioned to ultimately deliver business growth.

We are proud to have delivered and implemented launch strategies and plans that resulted in proven, measurable success against KPIs. We can partner with you to create tailored launch strategies, ensuring they are customer-focused, positioned correctly - and linked to the overall objectives of your business.
Marketing automation software (MAS) offers businesses an incredible opportunity to attract large numbers of prospects and nurture them until they convert into either marketing qualified leads or actual new clients. Using MAS allows you to plan, co-ordinate, manage and measure all your marketing campaigns, both on and offline. It will also enable you to streamline and automate marketing tasks and workflows, helping to move prospects and clients through the sales funnel faster, thereby increasing operational efficiency and growing revenue.

However, the financial industry has been slower than others to adopt and harness the true power of MAS – which gives those financial institutions that do embrace them a critical competitive advantage.

With significant experience in implementing MAS for global organizations, we can guide you through the myriad of different MAS systems, or work with your chosen provider and internal teams to successfully implement these large and complex projects, driving both operational efficiency and business growth.
Successful presentations and pitch documents depend on compelling content, tailored to your target audience. With our extensive financial industry knowledge and years of experience of working in RFP teams, we can help you articulate your unique offering and prove how you add value in a way that wins you business.

Having spent years producing slides for the financial industry, we know what makes a really good and effective deck (and the psychology behind it).
A fully responsive website with the right content, link building and SEO capabilities is critical to raising your profile online and ensuring you rank well in search engines, particularly in comparison with your business rivals. Acting as your “shop window”, your website is often one of the first ways prospective customers engage with your brand – and first impressions last. We work with our specialist website partner to deliver impactful, engaging and fully-optimised websites.

Marketing through digital and social channels has grown exponentially – and for good reason. When executed well, digital and social media marketing can reach your target audience at scale and deliver impressive ROI. But with the sheer number of platforms available, and the proliferation of content formats you can use in your marketing, it’s imperative to be strategic about your online activities.

We create effective digital and social media marketing strategies that drive business growth. By building in-depth digital audience personas that mirror your ideal clients, then identifying the appropriate channels and platforms to engage them, we provide you with a targeted strategy to raise your digital profile and maximise potential business results.